Dream the Impossible Documentary Series

Designed to foster an emotional bond between consumers and the Honda brand, this online campaign featured eight 6-8 minute documentaries. The documentaries were housed on a custom web site with a full screen video player. The films gained over 6 million views. To drive consumers to the site, we used a large number of custom page takeovers, rich media ads and X-Box Live. In addition, we also designed a Honda brand experience at the Sundance Film Festival that included screenings of the trailers for the films. The films won numerous awards including One Show Entertainment and the TED Conference "Ads Worth Spreading." They were also used by Honda in Asia, Europe, South America and Australia,

2:00 trailer. Creative Director/Art Director
Online and experiential description. Creative Director/Art Director
:90 Trailer. Creative Director/Art Director
:15 online spot. Creative Director/Art Director
:15 online spot. Creative Director/Art Director
Online branded canvas example. Creative Director/Art Director
300x250 Rich Media Online Unit. Creative Director/Art Director
728x90 Rich Media Online Unit. Creative Director/Art Director
Web Page Design. Creative Director
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